Comic Con: knock knock
Me: who's there
Comic Con: not you lol

At the end of WrestleMania, as a dad, I kept hoping that maybe that Daniel saw Connor sitting there. Daniel got out of the ring on our side, and the very first person that Daniel came up to was Connor. He leaned over, and said, “Connor, you mean a lot to me. You give me a lot of strength, and you helped me earn this. Please keep on fighting.”

“The way Vicar Oddie put it, they’re all supposed to be possessed by the Devil himself. Demons in disguise. I haven’t found that at all. My handsome man’s back. He’s different, he’s a bit different looking, but he’s still the same deep down. You know I know that. My Rick is a - he’s a good boy.”


"Are you lonely?""Why would I be lonely?""Because you’re sad. Have you lost something?”"No.""What did you lose?""My friend."


"Are you lonely?"
"Why would I be lonely?"
"Because you’re sad. Have you lost something?”
"What did you lose?"
"My friend."

Allison - first & last quotes

ten and rose in rise of the cybermen/age of steel (for perfectopposite)

That’s my friend’s. She’s gone, I lost her.

He saved my life, he took care of me, he gave me everything.




Superhero families take their kids back to school. [source]


absolutely not. no no no