Andrew Scott as Paul in Birdland. [x]

Ladies and gentlemen, Andrew Scott.

Ladies and gentlemen, Andrew Scott.


Andrew Scott’s Topman photoshoot preview.


Yeah… Yeah I’m a big clothes lover. [x]


Andrew Scott, The Stag (trailer.)


Andrew Scott - IdeasTap Masterclass: Building Characters (x)

These are THE unmarked, HQ photos that Shirley Maydorome was AMAZING enough to provide me with. She’s a lovely person, and you should all follow her. 

EDIT: Number 6, another great picture from the press.

‘I was on the tube in London and this teenage girl eyed me up and said ‘Alright, Mr Sex?’. It threw me. The daft thing was that she was quoting a line from Sherlock but I’d forgotten it because it had been a while since filming. I just thought I was looking particularly hot that day.’