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I’ll admit, I post a lot, A LOT of porn sometimes. I’m a horny lil bugger who can’t get any, so… What can I say?

I wanted a code for my theme to hide posts that I don’t want my mother to come across should she ever go through my Tumblr. She’s not one for going to it unless I show her something on there, but sometimes when I am scanning my posts for something to show her I have to zoom past porn and such shit she should not be seeing and I’ve had way too many close calls for my liking. xD

(Don’t ask why someone would block ‘kittens’ - Just needed something to put there to test and see if it was working. xD)

I’ve written this little bit of coding to hide certain tags. It’s been tested on my personal theme and it appears to work as I wanted. YAY!

If you wish to use this code and you are having issues installing it with your own theme, let me know and I’ll see if I can help you out.

NOTE: Keep in mind that this doesn’t delete the post, just hides them. It may not work correctly for all browsers (if you are using IE, I pretty much just always expect errors, and if you are using it I highly reccomend dumping its ass for a better browser like Chrome xD)


1. Add this code to the meta section of your theme.

2. Add this style to your CSS section (if your theme supports CustomCSS, you can paste it in there).

.hidden.{text:Hidden Tag 1},
.hidden.{text:Hidden Tag 2},
.hidden.{text:Hidden Tag 3},
.hidden.{text:Hidden Tag 4} {
display: none!important;

3. Add this code to the class section of your post div.

{block:IfHideTags}hidden {TagsAsClasses}{/block:IfHideTags}

NOTE: Make sure you add the code to each post type. (the blurb below is part of the
section of coding, but if I were to show you my whole code you’d see the same coding is added to the class section of each post-type).


i’ve been feeling rly sluggish and a little down, so just to motivate myself and remind myself 

The New Guy


Inside No. 9 - S1E02

A Quiet Night In with Reece crawling around on the floor



john is sherlock’s pressure point

but sherlock isn’t john’s

Because Sherlock Holmes isn’t John’s weakness, he’s his strength.

John would do anything for Mary, but he won’t for Sherlock because he trusts in Sherlock and does what Sherlock tells him when it is necessary without question because of that trust in Sherlock’s ability. That’s a not a pressure point, that’s a foundation.

Sherlock on the other hand will stop at nothing including giving himself over to the Mi6 as an agent, faking his death, and murder of a blackmailer in order to protect John. That IS a pressure point.

Rickyl + touching

how to decode a person with an anxiety disorder



This is by far one of the most important things I’ve seen on tumblr because It describes things I was not able to

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Rebloggable, courtesy of waynereewrites

matt fraction 5evr


AU | Severide has been in love with Casey from the moment he walked through the gate of 51. Being unsure about Casey’s feelings, he decided to take things slowly and didn’t make a move. But one day he had to realise that he might have missed his chance forever.


[between s2 and s3] derek & stiles’s summer adventure: food trucks
Dear Lord, for what I’m about to recieve, may I not be poisoned for the fourth time in four weeks. Amen.”

Stiles and Derek instagram their various food truck adventures during the summer, including the memorable japadog incident resulting in Stiles throwing up behind the truck while Derek’s werewolf genes fight off food poisoning. Their instagram account is surprisingly popular.

“Stiles, don’t you dare put that picture on the line.”
“It’s ‘online’, Derek.”

"HanniGraham is not too risqué. In fact, I would argue that HanniGraham is already in play – just not physically. Hannibal is absolutely intrigued by Will Graham and has genuine feelings for him. And Will Graham, at this stage of their relationship, trusts Hannibal more than any other person. There is a genuine intimacy to how these two men have connected."
- Bryan Fuller, (x)