It’s called circumstantial homosexuality.


Jude Law and Rooney Mara photographed by Tim Rue for USA Today

People I love and adore
  ↳ Jude Law

i feel about jude the way sherlock feels about john.

Jude Law being his naturally sexy self during Film4’s Self Portrait Interviews with famous actors (X)


# i still can’t think of a scene in a film that has broken my heart as much as this one # firstly there’s that pause # where moriarty and sherlock are just frozen in the moment # knowing that they’re going to fall to their deaths # and moriarty must know that john is behind them and he lets sherlock look # because he wants his last moment to be as painful as possible # because if he’s going down then he wants sherlock’s fall to hurt # and the look in sherlock’s eyes says two equally heart breaking things # it’s initial shock and dread that john had to see him # just before he pretty much commits suicide # and obviously he would never want to put him through seeing something like that. # but then it’s the way his face relaxes and his mouth loosens in a way that says # i’m glad you’re the last thing i’ll ever see # and that’s why he doesn’t open his eyes for the entire fall and when he drags moriarty over the edge # and the shot of them disappearing over the edge and the sudden silence # the silence that only snow can create # and the sudden ending of a life of two lives # and john’s face # motionless but for his eyes closing # because he can’t quite believe what he has just seen # but he’s seen it # so now he must remember # force himself never to forget sherlock’s face as they shared that final moment # where nothing was said # but everything was too # and then my heart shattered


Are we in trouble?

Are we in trouble?