girl: he cheated on me

me: then break up with him

girl: but-

me: bye



do you ever walk to the beat of your music in public and you think you look really cool but you probably just look like a dumbass


"You do not need pasta."
- Me laying in bed talking to myself at 1:30 in the morning  (via seabelle)


the only 6 pack i need image

I’m so unphotogenic what am I going to do when I’m famous


when u have ur music on shuffle and u hear the first note of welcome to the black parade image


Not sure if hungry or just bored


friend: i’m getting mcdonalds you want anything?

me: i don’t have money

friend: it’s all good, i’ll pay




Last Person That:
Slept in your bed besides you? my twin sister
Saw you cry?: my twin sister
You went to the movies with? my sister and a bunch of friends
You went out to dinner with? a famous singer/actor and a colleague
You talked on the phone to? erm…. one of peers in stage managing
Made you laugh? my twin

Would You Rather:
Pierce your nose or your tongue? definitely nose.. a friend had an enlarged tongue piercing which was cool but he showed me the inside it was nasty as hell!
Be serious or be funny? funny
Drink whole or skimmed milk? skim milk
Die in a fire or drowning? NEITHER
Spend time with your parent(s) or enemies? Mom and dad

Are You?:
Simple or complicated? too complicated
Straight, gay or bisexual? pan-romantic but mostly sexually attracted to men
Tall or short? average but considered tall in this country
Right handed or left handed? right 
A lover of music or a lover of books? music was my thang but books can be it too

Do You Prefer?:
Flowers or sweets? erm i don’t know.. Flowers I guess
Grey or black? black
Colour photos or black-and-white photos? Not biased
Sunrise or sunset? sunrise
M&Ms or Skittles? M&Ms
Staying up late or waking up early? WAKING UP EARLY! i love it but only if I had enough sleep.
Sun or moon? moon
Winter or Autumn? autumn
10 acquaintances or 2 best friends? 2 best friends
Rainy or sunny? In between?
Vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream? chocolate
Vodka or Jack? Jack!

About You:
What time is it? 11:24AM
Name? Geraldine
Nicknames? Gee
When is your birthday? Dec 14th
How many kids do you want? none
What would you name a girl?: er.. not sure
What would you name a boy? River
What kind of music do you like? Alternative, post-rock, post-punk, new romantic, soundtracks, metalcore, post-grunge, grunge, progressive rock, post-hardcore, glam rock, vocal trance, nu-metal, you get the point

Nervous habits? er, not sure.. i do know i’d feel like puking
Are you double-jointed? nope
Can you roll your tongue? nope
Can you raise one eyebrow? yes
Can you cross your eyes? yes

Which shoe goes on first? right
Ever thrown something at someone? random shit at random people
On average, how much money do you carry with you? 10$
What jewellery do you wear? a watch
Do you twirl or cut spaghetti? NEVER CUT nonono
Have you ever eaten Spam? yup
Favourite ice cream? there was this one called hiphop jelly
How many kinds of cereal are in your cupboard? just 1 usually
Can you cook?: yep

Alcoholic beverage? er… London dry martini. I think.
Car ride?: i can’t remember.. i take public transport.
Song played? The long and winding road - Gareth Gates and Will Young
Person you saw? my twin who is lying next to me


"Choose a gender to begin"



do you ever get sad bc you aren’t rich and famous